Microsoft Teams Spotlight: Latest features and roadmaps


Topic: Microsoft Teams Spotlight: Latest features and roadmaps

Time: 2nd of June 2020

Host: Vesa Nopanen

Nopanen Vesa

Microsoft Teams gains new functions in full speed to make your workday easier and more productive! Which ones are the most beneficial and how to use them?

In this episode we will also concentrate a lot how to organize and facilitate events efficiently with Teams. Best tips, tricks and practices will be shared e.g. about moderating, creating the right settings, live events and best practices for meetings.

Join Microsoft MVP Vesa Nopanen to our comprehensive demo-rich webinar and learn what is on the roadmap for Microsoft Teams in the future.


  • What’s new at Teams?
  • What is on the roadmap?
  • How to organize events efficiently?
    • Facilitating meetings
    • Moderating and settings
    • Microsoft Teams live events
    • Breakout rooms
    • Advanced best practices for meetings.

If you are new to Teams meetings; see to our webinar recording

Webinar recording

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