Windows Virtual Desktop

In many companies, desktop virtualization has become an invaluable functionality that allows users to work anywhere, anytime. Easy access to one’s own resources in the era of remote work is essential to keep work smooth and productive.

The benefits of mobile workstations are quickly realized as users are given more freedoms and opportunities to act according to their own suitability.

Our Offer:

The goal is to set up a Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop environment for a customer who does not have any Virtual Desktop environment available.


  • Windows Virtual Desktop environment for remote connectivity to OnPrem services and applications set up rapidly
  • Security set up for Virtual Desktop environment configured correctly from the beginning ​
  • Training and documentation for administrators to manage and maintain the WVD environment​
  • Documentation for end users


  • Local Active Directory environment ​
  • Azure subscription ​
  • Firewall or router in the local environment to setup the Site-to-Site VPN to Azure (Windows Server can be used as the router, if nothing else is available)


  • Network configuration (including Site-to-Site VPN between Azure and local site)​
  • Configure the WVD environment in Azure​
  • Windows 10 workstation virtualization​
  • Windows 7 workstation virtualization (optional) ​
  • Application virtualization ​
  • Governance model and administrator training

Price: € 13 900

Windows Virtual Desktop – Watch a video!

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