When you want to optimally offer the wide range of IT environment opportunities to your organization’s business and employees in a controlled, secure and cost-effective manner, we are your partner.

We support your organization in the design and construction of IT infrastructure, as well as in the implementation of a wide range of services and functionalities so that you can get the most out of the investments made. Our services help you keep your organization up to date and plan future moves.

You will find a wide range of services, including:

  • IT environment design and implementation
  • Configuring and implementing data protection and security
  • Audits and management models
  • Azure infrastructure
  • Device management

Our services


We offer a wide range of services e.g. for the configuration and implementation of security as well as audits and governance models. We support your organization in the deployment of the services and functionalities and train your staff.

Microsoft Cloud security services include premium features for the protection of both local and cloud environments.

If necessary, we can also take care of the entire monitoring for you with our Sulava Security Operations Center (SOC).

data protection

Data protection and compliance

Everyone working with the organization must be confident that data will be protected at all times. For example, legislation, industry-specific standards and the organisation’s own procedures and guidelines create requirements for the organisation’s operations. In the deployment of AI tools, data classification and protection play a crucial role.

We help your organization ensure that the configuration of environments and data protection comply with the requirements, and that you know how to utilize the tools and functionalities offered by cloud environments in the right way.

Modern device management

Microsoft offers a way to do device management the right way; cost-effectively, resource-saving, and security-friendly. The main idea is that services and applications are available from everywhere and their management is as automated as possible.

We have a wide range of services for device management. Our endpoint management services cover both workstations and mobile devices. In addition, we also provide organizations with services for managing remote connections and publishing applications.

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Azure infrastructure

Sulava offers several ready-made packages for IaaS and PaaS services. Azure projects can be anything from the migration of hundreds of virtual machines to the design of scalable architectures for modern applications.

What all these projects have in common is the utilisation of the newest Azure innovations and technologies with simultaneous reduction of IT costs.

Services for mergers and acquisitions

When an organisation goes through a merger, acquisition, spin-off or a similar change, the IT department needs to carry out an efficient reorganisation of the IT infrastructure within a specified timeframe.

Sulava brings its long-term experience to the planning and implementation of IT infrastructures and transitions.

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Get to know Microsoft Cloud platforms

We serve your organization in all three Microsoft clouds. Microsoft cloud services provide a scalable, secure, and cost-effective platform for your organization’s business – now and in the future.

Sulava has the longest and most extensive experience in utilising Microsoft Cloud platforms (Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365), from pre-studies to deployment to implementation and governance models.

Sulava Advisory Services – Continuous services

You will ensure that your Microsoft environment supports your business goals and that any issues are solved quickly and reliably.

Your company will always have access to information on all currently available and future services and features. Choose from our services according to your needs.

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Sulavan koulutuskeskuksen vastaanotto


We offer a wide range of training opportunities related to Microsoft technologies!

Our certified trainers share not only their technology expertise but also their practical experiences on how they have utilized the technologies studied in customer projects.

If you cannot find a suitable course directly from our training catalog, we can tailor the training to suit your needs.

Microsoft licensing services

You can conveniently purchase licenses for Microsoft cloud services (M365 & D365) and Azure subscriptions on a monthly billing basis through Sulava. We also offer a wide range of value-added services to help you get the most out of your products.

  • Through our portal, you can conveniently order new products as needed or modify existing services.
  • What is new and current is there in terms of licensing, how does it affect your entity in particular?
  • By optimizing and anticipating, you can achieve significant cost savings.
  • Microsoft workshops and pilots lower the threshold to start testing a new service and its suitability.

We are happy to tailor the best possible package of our services to meet your needs.

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