Sulava’s values

Our values ​​guide our operations, they are strongly visible both in cooperation with our customers and among Sulava personnel.

Strive for the best

We want to be the best in the world at what we do.

We will succeed in our goal only with and through our people.

That’s why every member of Sulava must strive for the best.: The best in what s/he does. The best interactions with colleagues. The best relationships with our clients.

We are always eager to learn something new and we constantly improve work we are already familiar with – that’s what striving for the best means.

Everyone at Sulava must proactively ask for help when unsure how to do something. At Sulava rising your hand and saying “I don’t know” or “I don’t know how” is not an act of weakness, but act of strength. Identifying what we don’t yet know and recognising that someone may know better is crucial part of your path in becoming the best.

We never aim to be the best at the expense of others. Our colleagues’ successes doesn’t take anything away from us — quite the opposite!

Share what you know​

We have the best knowledge and expertise in the world and that’s fantastic.

But what’s even more fantastic is that tomorrow we will have even more world-class expertise.

This is possible only, because we all share our knowledge and expertise with each other.

All of us should help our colleagues to improve: Help when help is needed and teach others when you have learnt something new.

By sharing your expertise and knowledge you make Sulava stronger and better.

Take care

At Sulava, we are all responsible for taking care.

Caring should always start from ourselves. We know our own limits and we should always respect them.

Our team is amazing. Get to know your colleagues and take care of them, too. Ask them how they’re doing and if they need any help. If they do, do your best to help them.

We want to build a strong community at Sulava. Take care of our community, too. Make your best to evoke great team spirit and remember to include everyone.
We are here for our clients. Be genuinely interested in the needs of them. Take care of your client relationships.

We succeed together

We are all leading experts in our industry and we all could work also as freelancers and do well. But we have deliberately chosen something different.

We have chosen to be a part of the community — Sulava. And since we’ve chosen to be part of something bigger, we all work for the community as well.

We can conquer the markets only by working together, supporting each other, and by sparring and challenging each other.

At Sulava, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

You have the power

Use it wisely.