A Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) is a professional who has been certified by Microsoft to provide training on Microsoft technologies and products. MCTs are experts in their field and have demonstrated their knowledge and skills by passing required exams and meeting specific requirements set by Microsoft.

Once certified, MCTs are authorized to teach Microsoft courses (MOCs) to individuals and organizations.

Become a Microsoft Certified Trainer with Sulava

The program has been developed by pedagogy and adult learning professionals who have years of experience in training Microsoft technologies. We are here to help you become the best trainer you can be!

Program information

  • Duration: 2 days + Evaluation​ (Teaching demonstration)
  • Cost: 1 790 € + VAT per learner
  • Available in: English, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, German
  • Available methods: Classroom, remote or hybrid training
  • Classroom sites: Helsinki (Finland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Dubai (UAE), Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Upcoming dates
  • Frequency: English (4 times a year), other local languages (2 times a year)

The training takes place if there are at least 5 participants. If the training is canceled we can reschedule the learner for another class or refund the registration fee.

You can also order the training tailor-made for your team.

If you have any questions, please contant us: info@sulava.com

Sulava MCT Training Program

To prepare every student with the skills needed to become Microsoft Certified Trainer:​

  • How to deliver engaging training programs for Microsoft technologies​
  • Master different learning styles and understanding how adults learn​
  • Understand the strengths of different learning styles, approaches and technologies

  • During the training, participants are activated with various interactive methods, such as surveys, discussions and group assignments​
  • Learners are encouraged to participate as actively as possible throughout the training ​
  • The training can be delivered as classroom, remote or hybrid training

  1. Focus on Learner – How Adults Learn
  2. Learning Styles
    • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learners
    • Global learning vs. Analytical learning
    • Sociological roles in group work
    • How to mix different learning styles to achieve the best result
  3. Deliver the best Learning Experience
    • How to activate learners​
    • Classroom environment
    • Using technology and managing hybrid sessions
    • Presentation skills​
  4. How to Prepare and Practice​
  5. How to run labs​
  6. Self-reflection​
  7. Evaluation
  8. Microsoft KPIs for Learning
    • Activating Microsoft Learn contents​
    • Claiming badges​
    • Metrics that Matter – MTM feedback

  • Teaching demonstration video​
  • Assignments between sessions

Meet your instructors

Marianna Halonen

Consulting & Training

Marianna has long experience in education and learning; building and executing professional development programs in a pedagogically meaningful way. She has 12 years of experience on working Microsoft Education team driving Microsoft technologies for education audiences. She enjoys training and facilitating customers on their learning journey.
Risto Nikula

Risto Nikula

Consulting & Training

Risto has been training and consulting on various Microsoft products and services for over a decade. He has extensive expertise especially in device management and Microsoft security products, with experience from numerous projects.

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