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We offer a chance to be the best

We help you stand out from the crowd. Sulava’s experts are renowned, resolute professionals.

Our company is at the forefront of digital services and implementation of cloud computing solutions. We offer our customers an unparalleled range of services and expertise.

We are constantly looking for more talent to join us! If you do not find a suitable job in our vacancy right now, leave us an open application.

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Why Sulava?

Sulava’s aim is to be the best and most skilled and experienced provider of Microsoft expert solutions and cloud computing and training services.

You’ll work with the best! We frequently appear at seminars and events, we run user groups, we publish books and we are active bloggers. You will receive support to become a leading expert in the industry.

We live and breathe what we do – this enables us to always offer customers up-to-date, fresh perspectives and bring our own experience to bear in our work.

This is Sulava

Trust, openness and flexibility. We look after our own. Smooth (Finnish: Sulava) at heart. A profitable, growing company, owned by its staff. Teamwork. Remote working. Influence. Independence. Generous salary. Results that speak for themselves. Funny bones. Straight-talking. Microsoft. Centrally located offices. Develop your expertise. Do it like you would do for yourself.

What you won’t find here?

You won’t find any middle management, endless weekly meetings, people who are all talk and no action, yes men, obsession with quarterly results, unnecessary internal bureaucracy or micromanagement.

Workplace of the future

The Siqnificant Company rewarded us with the Future Workplaces 2020 certification, which is earned when the enterprise culture is managed with exceptionally good employee understanding.

As a tool for the company to achieve employee understanding, the Siqni questionnaire is used to find out what matters most to employees and how they are implemented at the workplace.

What matters to our employees is, among other things, freedom to do the job, empowerment, meaningful assignments, and skilled colleagues.