Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive business solution that combines CRM, ERP, and AI. It provides a unified view of business, improving decision-making, customer experience, and productivity. Sulava offers expertise and experience in Dynamics 365 solutions, helping you to achieve benefits from optimizing business processes, modernizing operations, and efficiently using services through change management.

Dynamics 365 adapts to the needs of the company and scales with growth. Dynamics 365 integrates with existing systems, offering multi-channel and personalized customer experiences. With Dynamics, you optimize business processes, improve customer loyalty, increase employee productivity, and identify new business opportunities with AI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 not only improves current business but also creates new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our Services

Explore in more detail a few Dynamics 365 services and what Sulava offers.

Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Insights Journeys

Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Insights Journeys (formerly Dynamics Marketing) is an AI-powered solution for enhancing sales and marketing efficiency. It provides tools for managing customer relationships, streamlining sales processes, and creating personalized marketing campaigns.

Sales focuses on managing sales opportunities and customer relationships, while Marketing offers tools for planning and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service enhances the operation of mobile workers. It offers proactive service with the help of artificial intelligence, improving customer satisfaction.

The solution provides tools and features that increase worker productivity, streamline customer visit scheduling, enable remote support, and offer a multi-channel customer experience. This shifts the service from reactive to proactive and predictive, while also creating innovation opportunities for business models.

Dynamics 365 Field Service improves the work of various service organizations, such as installers, home care providers, and cleaners, at customer sites.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides tools and resources for delivering seamless customer service across multiple channels. It enables efficient resolution of queries, service requests, complaints, and issues, as well as real-time support using artificial intelligence and automation.

The service helps businesses build stronger customer relationships, improve satisfaction and customer loyalty, and enhance the performance of customer service teams. Additionally, the service collects valuable customer feedback and information for business development.


As a Microsoft training partner, we offer official Dynamics 365 training courses leading to certification, which help you take full advantage of the technology.

Our certified trainers share not only their technological expertise but also their practical experiences on how they have utilized the technologies studied in customer projects.

If you do not find a suitable course directly from our training catalog, we can tailor the training to fit your needs exactly.

Sulavan koulutuskeskuksen vastaanotto

Sulava Advisor Services – Continuous services

You will ensure that your Microsoft environment supports your business goals and that any issues are solved quickly and reliably.

Your company will always have access to information on all currently available and future services and features. Choose from our services according to your needs.

Change Management and Continuous Support

The service provides support for change management so that the customer’s organization can adopt new technology and practices. This may include creating a communication plan, managing staff resistance, and providing ongoing support in the use of the system.

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