At Sulava, we divide Azure services into three categories: Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS and Azure Data. The latter includes a range of services related to data storage and analysis as well as system-to-system integration.    

Azure offers options for storing both structured and unstructured data as well as for implementing various data warehouses and Big Data environments. Both traditional analysis models and the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence provide ways of using and analysing data. In addition, Azure has its own services for implementing integrations between systems and databases.

Sulava offers a wide range of services for taking advantage of Azure Data services. Our services cover all implementation steps from pre-study, planning, migration and deployment to governing, managing and maintaining the security of the services.

Our services

Azure Data – pre-study

In the pre-study, we evaluate your company’s preparedness and help define goals for implementing Azure Data services.

Azure governance model

A model for managing Azure services, implementing new features, security, and maintenance.

Azure Data migrations

Migrations of databases, data storages, and integrations from the local environment to Azure.

Azure security

Planning and configuring the security of Azure-based services and monitoring the security of the Azure environment.

Implementation of Azure Data environments

Implementation of various database, Big Data, and analytics solutions with Azure-enabled services.

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Sulava Advisory Services – Continuous services

You will ensure that your Microsoft environment supports your business goals and that any issues are solved quickly and reliably.

Your company will always have access to information on all currently available and future services and features. Choose from our services according to your needs.

Sulava’s experts go through with the organization what and how Azure Cognitive Services offer. After that, we brainstorm together how they can be utilised as part of the functionality of an application.

In connection with the service, a PoC will also be implemented for the utilisation of cognitive services.


We offer a wide range of training opportunities related to Microsoft technologies!

Our certified trainers share not only their technology expertise but also their practical experiences on how they have utilized the technologies studied in customer projects.

If you cannot find a suitable course directly from our training catalog, we can tailor the training to suit your needs.

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