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“Generative AI can add between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion worth of annual productivity globally” – McKinsey June 2023

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential part of organizations’ competitiveness and efficiency. AI assists in tasks such as analyzing customer data, optimizing processes, automating routine tasks, and fostering innovation.

Sulava specializes in AI solutions based on Microsoft’s latest technologies and expertise. Just like with all other modern technologies that enhance work methods and productivity, we are experts in integrating them into everyday organizational operations for all employees.

We have successfully executed ~100 projects for our clients, leveraging AI to improve customer service, internal communication, information management, skill development, and employee well-being for example.

It’s time to embrace artificial intelligence now. Contact us, and we will provide you with more information!

Note: From beginning of 2024, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now available to all organizations with no minimum purchase of licenses.

Our Services – Copilot Deployment & Adoption

AI aided innovation and taking advantage of the productivity leap AI will provide for all employees is a necessity.

Our services for Copilot deployment & adoption help you to deploy transformational technology in controlled and sensible way. With the support of our services, you’ll boost productivity and creativity with Copilot for M365 in your organization. Our experienced experts will guide your organization how to use Copilot for M365 effectively and efficiently.

Working together. Image created with Midjourney by Pekka Kaipiainen
Working together. Image created with Midjourney by Pekka Kaipiainen

First-in-class AI deployment & adoption in your organization via Copilot for M365 Essentials

Sulava Copilot for Microsoft 365 Essentials is an evergreen service for deployment and adoption. With this service, your organization gets high-class guidance, documentation and training to run Copilot for Microsoft 365. Designed especially for smaller organizations.

Our experienced consultants train and inspire end users and management teams to use Copilot for M365 in their daily work.

Take an AI productivity leap – deploy and adopt via Copilot Modern Work as a Service

Copilot Modern Work as a Service takes your organization to a new evergreen path to AI-aided modern work. Designed especially for bigger organizations.

We accelerate organizations productivity by discovering the best use cases and assuring first-class user adoption. Sulava is with you every step of the way to ensure a successful adoption.

For companies to gain a true competitive advantage and take leaps in productivity in whole organization – OOTB solutions are not nearly enough. It’s all about how YOU use AI.

From concept to solutions

Together we identify and build use-case scenarios where AI can bring the most value to the organization, and outline financial projections to unlock the true potential.

Our design thinking process will help your teams to uncover the best use cases for AI.

Our Services – Learn about artificial intelligence in our courses

Understanding the functioning and utilization of artificial intelligence is important for everyone, whether you are a business leader, IT expert, or other professional. Sulava’s AI courses offer a wide range of opportunities to learn and develop AI expertise.

Many courses are aimed at all of us, whether we are knowledge workers or productive workers on the front line. There is hardly any profession left that cannot utilize AI e.g. in planning, documentation, or sales.

Examples of our AI-courses:

Microsoft 365 Copilot in a Day

This training will serve as a perfect start to the use of Microsoft 365 and Copilot!

The course covers the basic services of Microsoft 365 and their deployment, focusing specifically on generative artificial intelligence and the use of Copilot. In addition, licensing and support for services are discussed, giving you an overall picture of how Microsoft 365 services and Copilot are managed.

You’ll learn what Copilot is and how you can prepare for its deployment in your organization. The training includes real examples of M365 Copilot in practice, so you will gain valuable information on its use in your own work.

Azure AI Fundamentals Course

In the AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals course, you will explore the uses of artificial intelligence through illustrative examples.

Come and discover what AI is and how it can be leveraged in business. This foundational course opens your eyes to opportunities in various areas!

Copilot Studio Basics – Build Your Own Bot

This training provides you with a unique opportunity to learn how to harness the potential of Copilot Studio. Learn how to take your chatbot to a whole new level!

The training includes practical exercises where you can apply what you’ve learned. These exercises provide you with an opportunity to test your skills and ensure you grasp the key features of Copilot Studio.

Our Services – Azure AI services and licenses

At Sulava, we can help your organisation think about how AI and machine learning services can be utilised as part of the organisation’s applications and services.

With our licensing services you can conveniently purchase licenses on a monthly billing basis. We also offer a wide range of value-added services to help you get the most out of your products.

Azure AI services

Azure has a range of services like OpenAI, cognitive services and machine learning that allow applications and data processing and analysis to include a variety of AI and machine learning functions.

Read more and get to know our services

Microsoft licensing services for Copilot

Through the CSP procurement channel, you can conveniently purchase licenses for Microsoft cloud services (M365 & D365) and Azure subscriptions on a monthly billing basis through Sulava. We also offer a wide range of value-added services to help you get the most out of your products.

Through our portal, you can conveniently order new products as needed or modify existing services. By optimizing and anticipating, you can achieve significant cost savings.

We are happy to tailor the best possible package of our services to meet your needs.

Read more about AI and see our webinars!

What is Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Copilot tools automate routines and help users to maximize Microsoft product utilization in productivity tools like Teams, Outlook, Windows11, Bing and M365 apps for enterprise. Copilot is designed to learn new skills. It is the most efficient and knowledgeable assistant – and available to everyone.

Real productivity gains will be unlocked when Copilot architecture is seamlessly plugged into your data, processes and backend systems. Copilots can be extended by low code/no code solutions.

Copilot runs in your own environment. Security, governance and responsible AI ethics are built in.

Why is AI so cheap?

The pricing of Microsoft 365 Copilot seems bold to many. Is the price right?

As a customer, there is only one real angle of approach to looking at it – will the license investment I make pay for itself? Thirty $ does not even cover the average knowledge worker’s one-hour salary including side costs.

If, based on its promises, #AI saves an hour of work from the user per month, it will pay for itself. This would also be an exceptionally weak artificial intelligence, because based on the usage scenarios presented, it is realistic to expect that we will be talking about dozens of saved hours.

AI is for everyone – What everyone should know about artificial intelligence

Microsoft, Elisa, and Sulava, together with universities, bring AI expertise within reach of every Finnish individual.

The Practical AI study program introduces the possibilities of generative AI, guides hands-on experimentation, and provides principles for safe and ethical use. The study program is free of charge.

Microsoft Copilot Studio

Introducing the New Copilot Studio: Power Virtual Agents Integration and More

Dive into the Copilot Studio’s enhanced features, including plugin actions and M365 Copilot extension. Elevate your copilots (PVA chatbots) with Generative Actions & Plugins! Extend capabilities dynamically, with automatic triggering based on user queries. Say goodbye to the manual effort and welcome a new era of custom copilot development. Learn the intricacies of migrating from the classic canvas to the new unified canvas and seamlessly harness all the new features.

Explore the synergy of Power Virtual Agents and Microsoft Copilot Studio in our blog

Boost Your Work with Copilot, Azure OpenAI, and More -Webinar

Uncover the thrilling new AI features within Microsoft 365 and revolutionize your work! See our FREE webinar recording, unlock the potential of AI for you and your organization


– How AI can charge your productivity and drive innovation like never before
– Exciting updates on the latest AI advancements across all Microsoft 365 apps and services
– Real-life examples of solutions created with Azure OpenAI
– Get a sneak peek into the future of AI within Microsoft 365