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AI aided innovation and taking advantage of the productivity leap AI will provide for all employees is a necessity. According to McKinsey report June 2023 Generative AI can add between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion worth of annual productivity globally.

Work, as we know it, must be reinvented and once more, all organization needs to be included to make the most out of the productivity leap.

Get to know our game-changing, AI-driven offering to take your organization to a new evergreen path to AI-aided modern work: Copilot Modern Work as a Service. For companies to gain a true competitive advantage and take leaps in productivity – OOTB solutions are not nearly enough. It’s all about how YOU use AI.

You can you start your journey right now, regardless whether you’re already bought/buying Copilot -licenses, contemplating the transformative power of AI in your organization or pondering if Copilots are worth investing in. 

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Note: From beginning of 2024, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now available to all organizations with no minimum purchase of licenses.

Microsoft Copilot-Aided Modern Work as a Service

Old fashioned projects are no longer enough to train employees, uncover best ROI use cases and stay up-to-date with technological development. Copilot Modern Work as a Service is created for the large enterprises and governmental organizations. For smaller companies and organizations, we have designed Copilot for Microsoft 365 Essentials for Copilot deployment and adoption.

Our fixed-monthly-fee Copilot Modern Work as a Service -service with one month’s notice time is a comprehensive package that spans three meticulously crafted phases.

Each phase incorporates Sulava’s expertise in security, governance, ethics, and legal considerations that come with adopting AI-enabled solutions. Our training services and support are of course included in all the phases. 

At Sulava, we have triple digit number of enterprise and public sector Copilot customers.

Worrying about technical prerequisites, licensing and costs, building use cases, calculating ROI, AI ethics, juridical issues or privacy, security and governance? Good! But our model is here to guide you through all these and many other topics and issues.

Benefits of our Copilot Modern Work as a Service -offer

Continuous development

Sulava is with you every step of the way to ensure a successful adoption of Copilot.

From concept to solutions

Custom solutions will be built based on most prominent use cases on top of Copilot to unlock the true potential.

Always evergreen and supported

Our T3 support and dedicated consultants will keep you and your environment always up-to-date.

Training is key in people journey

Leveling up the skills of the workforce is paramount in implementation of Copilot. Training and coaching is constant and continuous.

Sulava IPR library

You will get full access to Sulava IPR library and can utilize the latest plugins created by us.

Security, governance and compliance

AI and Copilot will bring a new set of challenges in securely running the environment. We’ll make sure that security, governance and compliance are managed properly.

Uncovering of use cases

Our design thinking process will help your teams to uncover the best use cases for AI.

Responsible, sustainable and ethical

Sulava will help you create guidelines for ethical use of AI.

Contact us!

Contact us to hear more about our Copilot deployment and adoption services. You can find more details of the Copilot Modern Work as a Service service after the form.

Phases of the Copilot Modern Work as a Service service

1. Preparation, technical readiness and pilot

We kick-start your journey with an upskilling program focused on AI-based work processes. We ensure technical readiness, analyse information protection, compliance, and ethics.

Together we Identify and build use-case scenarios where AI can bring the most value to the organization.

2. Copilot deployment

We deploy Copilot to a select group of people within your organization, optimize use cases and create your first set of customer-centric Copilot plugins.

3. Continuous development

The third phase is about scalability and refinement: roll out to more user groups, create increasingly advanced use cases, keeping your environment evergreen.

AI implementation requires a new approach

In the AI era, the rapid evolution of technology demands specialized expertise to maximize its potential effectively and ethically.

Copilot Modern Work as a Service offers on-demand, tailored guidance that can help you to navigate the complexities of Copilot deployment, from data management to algorithm optimization and compliance.

By leveraging Copilot Modern Work as a Service, our customers not only fast-track their AI adoption but also mitigate risks, ensuring that their AI strategy aligns with both business objectives and industry best practices.

Work, as we know it, must be reinvented

Scope of the change is massive and will involve nearly everyone.

Implementation requires constant approach

Continuity is key – Old fashioned projects won’t work.

Out of the box solutions are not enough

Integrations with other systems and teaching AI the correct inputs and outputs is crucial.

Microsoft licensing services for Copilot

Through the CSP procurement channel, you can conveniently purchase licenses for Microsoft cloud services (M365 & D365) and Azure subscriptions on a monthly billing basis through Sulava. We also offer a wide range of value-added services to help you get the most out of your products.

Through our portal, you can conveniently order new products as needed or modify existing services. By optimizing and anticipating, you can achieve significant cost savings.

We are happy to tailor the best possible package of our services to meet your needs.

What do Copilot users say?


said they were more productive


said it improved the quality of work


faster to catch up on missed meetings

Source: What Can Copilot’s Earliest Users Teach Us About Generative AI at Work? Microsoft 11/2023

What is Microsoft Copilot? See more!

Microsoft 365 Copilot in a Day -training

This training will serve as a perfect start to the use of Microsoft 365 and Copilot!

The course covers the basic services of Microsoft 365 and their deployment, focusing specifically on generative artificial intelligence and the use of Copilot. In addition, licensing and support for services are discussed, giving you an overall picture of how Microsoft 365 services and Copilot are managed.

You’ll learn what Copilot is and how you can prepare for its deployment in your organization. The training includes real examples of M365 Copilot in practice, so you will gain valuable information on its use in your own work.

Microsoft and AI – From Autopilot to Copilot -webinar

Watch an exclusive free webinar on Microsoft’s ground breaking AI services and their collaboration with Open AI. Discover the transformative impact of AI on Microsoft’s portfolio of services like Power Platform, Dynamics365, Azure, and more.

Speaker Peter Kestenholz is an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded and led Projectum, a global provider of technology services for Project, Resource, and Portfolio Management, for two decades.

Boost Your Work with Copilot, Azure OpenAI, and More -Webinar

Uncover the thrilling new AI features within Microsoft 365 and revolutionize your work! See our FREE webinar recording, unlock the potential of AI for you and your organization


– How AI can charge your productivity and drive innovation like never before
– Exciting updates on the latest AI advancements across all Microsoft 365 apps and services
– Real-life examples of solutions created with Azure OpenAI
– Get a sneak peek into the future of AI within Microsoft 365

Why is AI so cheap?

Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing seemed bold to many. Is the price right?

As a customer, there is only one real angle of approach to looking at it – will the license investment I make pay for itself? 30 $ does not even cover the average knowledge worker’s one-hour salary including side costs.

If, based on its promises, #AI saves an hour of work from the user per month, it will pay for itself. This would also be an exceptionally weak artificial intelligence, because based on the usage scenarios presented, it is realistic to expect that we will be talking about dozens of saved hours.