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Copilot Studio Basics – Build Your Own Copilot

Please note: Training on April 10th is in Finnish.

Join the training and learn about Microsoft Copilot Studio – a new innovative tool that allows you to build your own customized Copilot! This one-day training provides you with a unique opportunity to learn how to harness the potential of Copilot Studio. The previous version of the tool was known as Power Virtual Agents.

Microsoft Copilot Studio enables the creation of your own chatbots, even allowing the bot to leverage your organization’s services and information. Copilot Studio enhances organizational operations in Teams and can also serve as a customer service bot.

During the day, you will gain a good understanding of the features of the new Copilot Studio and be inspired by potential use cases. We’ll cover the basics of building a chatbot with Copilot Studio, using the bot, and expanding its capabilities.

The training includes practical exercises where you can apply what you’ve learned. These exercises provide you with an opportunity to test your skills and ensure you grasp the key features of Copilot Studio.

Join the training and take your chatbot to the next level with Microsoft Copilot Studio!

Upcoming trainings in English:

  • March 5th, 9am–4pm Eastern European Time (UTC+02:00) in English


Implementation: Online
Length: 1 day
Starting dates: 5.3.2024 , 10.4.2024
Material: Sulava material

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790,00  (Excl. Tax)

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Berg Mikko

Mikko Berg

Consulting & Training

Mikko is a consultant specializing in Microsoft Power Platform. His specialties are process development, modernization and automation.