Webinar recording: Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365


Webinar: Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

Duration 1 hour

Host: Kimmo Bergius

Virtual Desktop environments have been available and part of the basic infrastructure for an organization for years. Microsoft has been offering Azure Virtual Desktop, a Virtual Desktop service from the Azure cloud, for about 3 years, and last year a new service called Windows 365 saw the light of day.

Why does Microsoft have two different offerings for the same purpose? This and many other questions related to the two services will be answered in this free webinar recording. We will look into the features and functionality for both services, compare the offerings and give insight what kind of usage scenarios are best served with each of the services.

We will also have a quick look on the implementation and deployment of the services, as well as the services that Sulava has to offer customers for implementation. Finally we will clarify how to move forward and what the next steps would be. And during the webinar we will strive to answer all questions you and other participants might have!


  • Overview of the Microsoft offerings for Virtual Desktop – Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365
  • Features and functionality of both offerings
  • Comparison between the offerings
  • How to select – which offering is the right one for my usage scenario?
  • Implementation and deployment
  • What’s next – how to move forward?

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