Webinar recording: Zero Trust


Theme: Zero Trust

Duration: 1 hour

Host: Kimmo Bergius

Are you using the Microsoft security features you are paying for? Maximize the ROI of your investments and take the full advantage of the potential of Zero Trust! 

Zero Trust is a new way of thinking and implementing user authentication, access management and application and data security and protection in the connected world. We can no longer trust the network perimeter or the internal network, and instead every authentication and access request must be explicitly checked, every time!

The goal of this webinar is to give participants an overview of what are the goals and principles of Zero Trust, what does Zero Trust mean to an organization and how do you implement it using the Microsoft 365 components.

The webinar will also share insight and best practices into the implementations that Sulava has created for our customers over the past couple of years, and give participants an idea of how to move forward.


  • Goals and principles of Zero Trust
  • What does Zero Trust mean to an organization?
  • How is Zero Trust implemented using Microsoft 365 components?
  • Examples and best practices from real-life solutions
  • What’s next – how to move forward?

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