Recording: How to monetize metaverse with currently available tools and methods – in one week?


Order a recording: How to monetize metaverse with currently available tools and methods – in one week?

Time: One hour

Host: Karoliina Partanen, Chief Future Scientist at Sulava & Sean Seah, Global Industry Architect – Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft

You often hear that technology changes only the way how we use it. However, sometimes technology does revolutionize the world – when the time is right.

Metaverse has been the buzzword of business and ICT for quite some time without actual showcases of utilizing it in real life, except for maybe kids’ Pokemon hunts. Meanwhile, in all quiet, some technical solutions have been cooking up and are now ready to deliver some low-hanging fruits for those who are the fastest to pick them up.

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  • Hotels, restaurants, entertainment and real estates: Scan your most impressive properties into 3D models to enable innovative marketing, better customer experience and new business models.
  • Virtual galleries and shops: Turn your physical gallery or shop into an eCommerce solution to reach a larger audience and increase sales.
  • Hospitals and other public spaces: Help visitors to navigate, provide check-in experience, show customer history data and other functionalities in one place.  
  • Guiding company employees: Scan your office buildings and provide the traditional intranet type of content on top of that, in context and location-based, which makes finding information easier for the end-user. 
  • Employee training and onboarding: Scan any environment from car repair shops to restaurant kitchens and hospitals for training purposes.

We believe that the best and only way to understand metaverse possibilities is to experience them yourself. Therefore, in common for all the previous use cases is our bullet-proven method for iteratively innovate and build solutions with the client to see some concrete result within a week or weeks.


  • What is metaverse?
  • How can you and your organization benefit from metaverse? Concrete use cases.
  • Solutions for 3D modeling existing venues – how is it done in practice, what can you do with it and what does it take?
  • Our method for seeing results in week(s) with real customer data, in real customer environment

Order the free webinar recording. Webinar took place 18.10.2022

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