Microsoft Inspire Conference 2020 report

The Inspire conference is winding down. Inspire is Microsoft’s annual Partner Conference, where partners hear Microsoft’s executives and their sales and marketing teams talk about Microsoft’s priorities and focus areas for the new fiscal year. Partners also learn about the technology roadmap and new programs and offerings that will help them work with Microsoft and help Microsoft’s customers implement and deploy the technologies.

Inspire has traditionally been held in some US Metropolis. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic Inspire, much like all Microsoft’s conferences during this year, was held as a virtual conference, with all the sessions streamed online or held using Microsoft Teams. This year Inspire was supposed to be held in Las Vegas, and I have to say that personally I am much happier to sit in my office at home with a cool beverage in hand, than be in Las Vegas in the middle of July.

The virtual format has also allowed many of our employees, who would not normally have the chance to attend the conference, to attend the sessions and hear the message first-hand from the Microsoft teams.

The new – remote – normal

One of the things that we heard consistently during the sessions was how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella commented that the world has seen more digital transformation happen in the last few months than in the last few years. Employees all over the world have moved to working from home, and the pandemic has forced organisations to scramble to provide employees with the necessary tools for collaborating with colleagues, customers and partners, and to access all corporate systems remotely.

Remote working and working from home is the new normal, and there is still a lot of work to be done with collaboration tools, virtual desktop environments and remote connectivity to allow employees to be productive in this new environment. And this all has to be done while still making sure that the new way of working does not compromise the security of the data and the tools and applications used.

We at Sulava have been working hard with customers during the past few months to enable both collaboration and remote work, and ensure the security or the environment, and we continue to work on this. Actually due to our hard work Finland is the leading country in the remote work during COVID-19 with 60% of workforce moved to remote work by May 2020 according to Eurofound.

Modernize processes and enhance the productivity

But digital transformation does not just mean collaboration and remote working: digital transformation means that organisations use the full potential of the technologies at hand to modernize processes and enhance the productivity of employees. This is where Microsoft’s priorities lie going forward as well, and where they are focusing their development efforts. We picked four key themes from the sessions at the Inspire conference:

1. Teams as a platform

Teams is a very good collaboration tool, for collaborating and sharing information with colleagues, customers and partners. But Teams can be much more; it can act as a virtual window into the tools, processes and information used by employees. This is a key theme for both Microsoft and Sulava now and in the future: how can we bring the processes and information that employees most need and share into Teams so that they are more accessible and more easily shared.

2. Low-code/no-code application development

Microsoft’s Power Platform allows for a new way of developing organisations processes, with little coding or no code at all. This means that it can be performed by many people in the organisation, and does not require specialized application development skills. Power Platform can also be easily combined with the services that Microsoft Azure provides.

3. Analysis of data

Power BI can be utilised to bring data analytics and visualisation much closer to the employees who actually need and use the data. Furthermore, the data storage and analytics services from Azure, such as Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive services allow for new ways to store, combine, process and analyse all kinds of information, from simple usage data to complex analysis of business information.

4. Application modernisation and innovation

Organisations have been migrating services into Azure, but in the future the focus must be on application modernisation to the cloud era, as well as new application innovation in areas such as IoT, AI and digital twins. And Azure provides the services necessary to do modernisation and innovation.

All of these areas require new thinking in how applications and processes can be changed and modernised, but also how these new technologies can be deployed to enhance the employee experience and make employees more productive. Change also requires participation from all employees, and the willingness to learn new skills.

Organisations have already utilised the functionalities provided by the Microsoft full platform to help solve issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, for example a school uses an app to organise the delivery of lunch for hungry students, a hospital took Teams in use to communicate between doctors, patients and relatives or there is an app for organizing seats at the office. Now is the time to start looking at information, tools and processes on a much broader scale, and realise the full potential the technology can offer.

We at Sulava are prepared to help customers both in the short term, to fulfil your cloud migration, infrastructure modernisation and remote work requirements, but also to work with you in the long term to utilise new technologies, modernise applications and processes, deploy the technologies and train your workforce, and really perform a true digital transformation in your organisation.

Text: Kimmo Bergius, Aki Antman and Karoliina Partanen

Aki on Sulavan perustajaosakas ja toimitusjohtaja. Aki on työskennellyt IT-alalla vuodesta 1992 lähtien. Hän on ollut jo vuosikausia yksi Suomen arvostetuimmista IT-vaikuttajista. Sulavan projekteissa Aki osallistuu mm. uusien palveluiden innovointiin, tiekarttojen laatimiseen sekä asiakkaidemme johdon ja tietohallinnon sparraukseen.

Impact of coronavirus on Sulava’s operations

Updated 29th of June 2020 at 14:00:

If you wish to read this message in finnish, click here

In August, Sulava returns to normal according to the Government’s instructions. We actively monitor the situation and change our operations quickly if needed. In Sulava both our own and our customers’ and partners’ employees safety and well-being are our top priority.

In August, we will review the guidelines from the health organization (THL) and our Government and change our course of action immediately if needed. We will update any changes to this article.

We will do our very best to help our customers cope with this situation. We keep on helping you with the efficient use of digital tools, services, and the flexible modification of operations to the ever-changing situation.

We have expanded all our training activities to fully cover changes in work culture and the use of Microsoft cloud technology, caused by the corona virus. We have created ready-made solutions and operating models for our customers to move back to the office, to improve communication and to support the work and safety of those in the field.

Sulava consulting business

During the summer, we continue to recommend remote work for all our employees but working in offices is permitted by following precautionary measures and monitoring the health of the personnel. In customer meetings, we prefer Teams meetings, but face-to-face appointments are also possible. For those at risk, we use case-by-case judgement. We work very closely with Microsoft and are constantly bringing new solutions and services to reduce the current and future remote work or technology problems.

Training- and test center

Our trainings in our training center in Finland will start again normally on the 17th of August and the test center will continue to operate unless the Government’s instructions change.

We are actively monitoring the situation regarding the courses in the autumn. We have stepped up our precautionary measures at our locations: cleaning and disinfection to prevent infection. We follow any virus developments and official guidance and instruct all visitors to our premises on necessary measures. We monitor the development of the virus situation and official guidance, and if necessary, we will guide participants in more detail on precautions or the transition to distance training.

Contact information for our training center: or +358 20 740 2790


The coronavirus now and in the long term affects everyone of us. Even in this situation, we are leaning strongly on our values, for example:

  • Strive for the best and Share what you know: We have the world’s best expertise in leveraging Microsoft cloud services to help you work more efficiently. In this situation, we need to be able to share our knowledge not only with our customers but also with anyone else who needs our expertise.
  • Take Care: Right now, the primary task of Sulava is to take care of our employees, our customers and our partners. We need to be able to harness our expertise to the benefit of others so that each organization can act in all the situations ahead of us.
  • We Succeed Together: In the current situation, no one can survive alone. We will not leave anyone alone in this situation either, but will work together to resolve any difficulties that may arise.
  • You Have The Power: There is no room for selfishness in this situation. We must all take care of ourselves and our neighbours, but in addition we must also do our utmost for society and especially for the most vulnerable ones.

Greetings from Dubai: Kickstart to remote working

It didn’t go as planned. A sentence uttered by a lot of people this year, with almost everything being cancelled, be it conferences, festivals, holiday trips or smaller things like birthday parties or just going to see football matches. (As I write this, I ‘should’ be in Copenhagen getting ready for Finland’s first ever European Championships outing against Denmark.)

When making the official change of residence from Helsinki to Dubai at the beginning of March, I expected to spend my spring exploring Dubai and the UAE, as well as the Middle East in general. Workwise, it was going to be active participation in events, networking and making new connections with lots and lots of face-to-face meetings. Instead, we had a lockdown for almost three months. However, instead of wallowing in disappointment, acceptance and adaption were needed as ‘it is what it is’ became the favourite phrase, and work continued from home with a different approach.

The same has applied to millions of businesses all around the world. Restaurants and retail have had to switch to delivery mode, banking and other services have moved online, airlines from passengers to cargo, etc. For knowledge workers, in countries like Finland the transition was not necessarily too hard, as remote working has been readily available for years for most industries and people. That was not the case here in the UAE, where the cloud journey is at an earlier phase and office work was still prevalent back in February.

Now that I think of it, if we ignore the tragic reason for it, it has been a privilege to see the remarkable transition of a country moving from strict office work to remote working and distance learning almost overnight. It has been truly impressive how quickly both the public sector and companies reacted to the new situation and worked day and night to find the solutions. It also means that the UAE has rushed through years of development journey in a matter of months!

For Sulava, whilst it changed almost all our plans, it allowed us to use our experience and expertise in helping customers deploy and learn to use Microsoft O365, and especially Teams. As we still involve our experts in Finland for some tasks, suddenly some customers’ requirement of onsite work disappeared, and we were able to show that in most cases it really doesn’t matter where the consultant is sitting.

However, the journey is really just beginning! Even though we are returning to offices (safely with Sulava’s Back to the Office solution), the changes are at least partially permanent.

Even more importantly, now that Microsoft Teams and other collaboration and communications tools are available, it is time to ensure that you make the most out of them! Teams is incredibly versatile as it offers many out-of-the-box add-ons, and with the open API’s almost anything can be added, making it a one-stop-shop for all users, whether it is HR, Sales, Operations, Manufacturing or any other business unit!

Join our webinar ‘The Possibilities of Teams as a Platform’ on 25 June to hear more, or contact me and we can talk more.

And of course, take care and stay safe!

Seppo is part of Sulava’s team in Dubai and he is responsible for sales. He has a wealth of experience in sales and leadership. Finding the right solution for each customer and making and keeping them happy is extremely important to Seppo. He values positive and open customer relations and mutual trust.

Petri Jämsen helped thousands of teachers in the transition to Office 365 remote learning – was hired to Sulava

Sulava’s CEO Aki Antman was also involved in the peer support group and noted Petri’s great attitude and expertise:

“I have two primary school children myself and every day I see how teachers stretch to cope with remote learning. Their working days can exceed 15 hours, but still there isn’t enough time for everything. Most municipalities and cities did not have any kind of ready-made models to provide background support for teachers.

“Teachers deserve and need all the help we can provide and Sulava has the best skills and a desire to support them. Petri will continue to provide Facebook support during the crisis – but now he will also get paid for this as a permanent full-time employee of Sulava. We have a lot of excellence at Sulava, 130 colleagues, from whom Petri now gets all the help if needed. For our part, we want to take social responsibility in this crisis. ” he says.

“Lifebelt as you jump into the deep end”

Petri’s selfless help in the group was quickly noticed and thanks began to rain. It inspired him to continue.

“The quick targeted help has earned me thanks. I got this one feedback from a teacher at the very beginning, who said to me, ‘We jumped into the deep end, and then we found a lifebelt in you.’ It moved me, ”says Petri.

“Without this channel and Petri Jämsen’s tireless and patient advice, neither I nor the students I teach would have survived the IT challenges of distance learning nearly as painlessly as they do now. Questions will be answered verbally and / or pictorially immediately. I also pass on Petri’s instructions to others in my work. His advice has made the daily lives of many people much easier! ” thanks teacher Mari Byman on the Facebook group wall.

Petri Jämsen koneella

“Hard times bring out heroes. Petri’s selfless work has helped me in many ways. In addition to my own work, I support and train my fellow teachers and I get a lot of useful material from here to pass on to them. In addition, I encouraged my colleagues to join the forum, in which case they will receive advice and guidance from here directly. As a result, my own work has become lighter, ”says Jarkko Lehmuskenttä in the group.

The peer group has become a relevant player in this change to distance learning. The group already has over 8,000 teachers and actors on education sector, of whom as many as 6,000+ are active. The rapid transition to distance learning increased the group by amazing 43% in March and there is still no end in sight to the growth.

“Teachers make over 300 new starts on the group wall every day. I will answer these together with a few other volunteers and teachers in the group. ” says Petri.

“Topics range from the how to do usual school assignments and return homework advice to the fairly free-form “How to prevent students from messing with Teams ” -instruction. The latter already has almost 3,000 views, ” he continues.

The compulsory digital leap for distance learning has progressed rapidly in Finland. The use of Teams has been effectively taken over by the teachers, and as basic skills have accumulated, the questions of the peer support group have already become more demanding.

“When tools no longer cause a daily headache, teachers can focus on the best possible teaching. There is still a lot of work to be done and I will continue to help teachers by all means. ” says Petri.

The Road to Sulava

“When I started volunteering, I was asked if I worked at Microsoft or by behalf of whom you´re doing this. I replied that I am unemployed and I’m doing this because I was bored. All this brought in new contacts and one of these was Sulava. ” smiles Petri Jämsen.

“It’s great to be helping teachers in their work, now with Petri’s help. We hope that, through this assistance, the quality of teaching will not get caught up in the tools and their use. When I noticed Petri’s great job, I contacted him, held a job interview through Teams, and decided to hire him immediately. ” says Aki Antman.

” I started another job interview online as well, but I chose Sulava because it was quick in actions and I immediately got the feeling that I could also spend more time in that company.” says Petri.

Petri will continue to provide teachers support for free at the group, at least to the end of the semester. In addition, he will be backed by the expertise of Sulava’s other professionals. After the crisis, Petri will continue as an expert in Sulava.

“On March 17, when I put the first support discussion on the group’s wall, I wouldn’t have thought I would be working as a consultant at Sulava on April 8.” ends Petri.

Hanna Valjakka

Marketing Specialist. Markkinoinnin ja viestinnän pitkän linjan ammattilainen, taustaa niin B2B kuin B2C -maailmasta.

Sulava recognized as a Microsoft Security 20/20 Partner Awards Finalist

Sulava, founded 2010, is one of the first born-in-the-cloud Microsoft partners in the world. We knew already back then that security is the most essential building block in every organizations cloud journey. And that’s why we have been focusing on our Microsoft cloud security practice ever since.

Last autumn we were one of the first companies in the world to be rewarded with the Microsoft Gold Competency in Security. In addition to that we have been nominated in various Redmond based elite security programs.

Our most recent recognition in the field of security was the nomination as a finalist in the Microsoft Security 20/20 awards in Security Workshop Partner of the Year -category. The award ceremony took place a couple of weeks ago to kick of the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Sulava was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation, integration, and customer implementation with Microsoft technology.

“This in an amazing achievement and we are truly honored to be among the finalists. We were in very impressive company in the awards together with huge IT & security companies. To be nominated in the security workshop partner -category is a recognition of the hard work our security-experts have done. The security workshop is an excellent way for a company to kickstart their security-journey into the next level and we are more than happy to host them to our customers massively this year as well”, says Aki Antman, the CEO of Sulava.

Only through collaborations can organizations help customers to get clarity of their current security posture and help them to become more secure. The security ecosystem must work together to create a vision for the future where people, information, services, and companies are made safer. Microsoft Security 20/20 provides an opportunity to honor Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions and services during the past year.

“The themes for the new Microsoft Security 20/20 partner awards are vision and clarity. Microsoft Security is focused on protecting our customers and there is no vision for the future that doesn’t involve security partners,” said Rob Lefferts, CVP, Microsoft Threat Protection.

“We have just started our ventures in the UAE and GCC with our brand-new subsidiary in Dubai, that is now officially open for business. That area is in the beginning of their cloud journey and we are happy to be able to provide best in the world Microsoft Security solutions in that region too.”, Antman continues.

In addition to this prestigious award Sulava recently received honorary awards in Finland as well. Sulava CEO Aki Antman was chosen for the fifteenth time as one of the top 100 ICT influencers in Finland. In addition to this Risto Virkkala, Sulava’s chairman of the board, and Sami Laiho, the world leading Microsoft security trainer who works tightly with Sulava, are included in the influencer list.

These awards pave the way for an amazing new decade start with year 2020. Sulava will celebrate its ten years journey as the leading born-in-the-cloud partner through the whole year of 2020. We are continuing to hire the best talent and we’ll continues to serve the best global clients from our Helsinki and Dubai offices.

Security Workshops

If you are interested in the security workshop for your company, please contact your Sulava sales manager or The security workshop will help you to gain visibility into the threats your company is facing in Microsoft 365 cloud environment across email, identity and data. The workshop will also help you to understand, prioritize and mitigate potential vectors of cyberattacks against your organization.

Read more about the Microsoft Security 20/20 awards

Aki on Sulavan perustajaosakas ja toimitusjohtaja. Aki on työskennellyt IT-alalla vuodesta 1992 lähtien. Hän on ollut jo vuosikausia yksi Suomen arvostetuimmista IT-vaikuttajista. Sulavan projekteissa Aki osallistuu mm. uusien palveluiden innovointiin, tiekarttojen laatimiseen sekä asiakkaidemme johdon ja tietohallinnon sparraukseen.

New Ways of Working – My First Days at Sulava

Starting a new job is always exciting but this time the change is even bigger as the new job is in a new country! However, whilst moving to Dubai will bring up all kinds of challenges and new experiences, even the first two weeks at Sulava’s Helsinki office have been very interesting.

Having worked for large corporations for the past 12 years, it’s refreshing to see how things are done in a smaller organisation that still has start-up mentality left, although it’s already a growth company.

It has a ‘family feel’ to it as everyone knows everyone and the atmosphere is relaxed. Targets and KPI’s aren’t immediately the most important thing for all workers and even though people are busy, it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly hectic.

The onboarding process has been effective (exemplifying the move from start-up to growth mode) but it doesn’t work like a conveyor belt that is more typical for enterprise-level companies. More resources are needed as things are done individually, but it all works nonetheless, and getting stuck is less likely because it’s all done locally and help is near.

Naturally, communication tools are at the heart of the process as that’s Sulava’s core business. This is where the biggest difference is. In my previous jobs, there have been so many tools that a new starter gets totally lost at the beginning but even with all of those systems, e-mail is still the prevalent communication tool for getting things done.

At Sulava, Microsoft Teams is the most important tool from day 1, with other tools (like intranet, e-mail, etc.) supporting it. The usage is far more advanced than what I have previously experienced, signifying how things can be done better – being more effective, saving costs by getting rid of overlapping tools and keeping people happy and productive.

This has further convinced me that I have joined the right company. It also gives me full confidence that customers will benefit from Sulava’s help in implementing modern ways of working – regardless if it is in Finland, in the Middle East or anywhere in the world!

When you are reading this I will already be in Dubai. More to follow…

Read more about Seppo Kuusinen who is part of Sulava’s team in Dubai and is responsible for sales.

Seppo is part of Sulava’s team in Dubai and he is responsible for sales. He has a wealth of experience in sales and leadership. Finding the right solution for each customer and making and keeping them happy is extremely important to Seppo. He values positive and open customer relations and mutual trust.

Microsoft Ignite 2019 from Office 365 developer’s perspective

Our consultant Laura Kokkarinen tells you what announcements got her the most excited from Office 365 developer’s perspective during Microsoft Ignite 2019. Take a cup of coffee and join Laura for half an hour and hear for example about Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Framework, Search, certifications and provisioning scenarios.

See more content from Laura in her blog: – Office 365 & Azure, from a developer to developers

Microsoft MVP. Laura työskentelee Sulavalla sovelluskehittäjänä. Laura on työskennellyt SharePoint-ympäristöjen parissa vuodesta 2011 lähtien, keskittyen räätälöintien ja integraatioiden toteutukseen sekä ympäristöjen ylläpitoon. Nykyään Laura toteuttaa ratkaisuja myös O365- ja Azure-ympäristöihin, rakentaen monipuolisesti niin erilaisia räätälöintejä, integraatioita kuin kokonaisia web applikaatioita.

Persistence pays off – Sulava and the Fabulous Bergius Brothers boost your cloud transformation

Finland and Sulava have been at the forefront in the digitalization of the businesses since 2010. The relentless work has created a competitive advantage for Sulava customers by transforming the way their employees work and utilize Microsoft cloud to the max.

Sulava has focused on attracting the best cloud talent and having a deep understanding of the digital transformation and what it means for us and our customers. One, or actually three examples of this are Bergius Brothers, who are among the most talented who ever worked within the Microsoft ecosystem, are now working at Sulava under the same roof.

When Kimmo Bergius joined Microsoft as a Chief Security Advisor back in early 2000, Sulava’s CEO Aki Antman thought: “What a talent, integrity and professionalism, I really have to get to know this guy better.” Kimmo was obviously extremely busy with his new role at Microsoft and their paths did not join yet.

Persistent talent hunt started

The next small step on the path is when Aki found out that Kimmo was going to the annual Windows Professional users’ club cruise. Aki’s secret plan was that being on the same ship for three days would be the perfect way to get to meet and know Kimmo better. Aki immediately joined the Windows Professionals and enrolled on the cruise. None of this is a surprise to those who know Aki. Unfortunately, he only had a minute to discuss with Kimmo as something urgent came up at Microsoft and Kimmo had to skip the cruise before it even started.

Persistence gets its price

Fast forward twenty years and now Kimmo is the CTO of Sulava. And not only that, his amazing brother Heikki Bergius joined Sulava a few years back as well. And to top things off, the third Bergius brother, Jorma Bergius, recently joined Sulava. Aki’s persistence finally paid off.

The Bergius brothers are by far the most talented brothers ever in the global Microsoft ecosystem. They live and breathe technology and its implementation, and more importantly, what really makes the brothers stand out is their joint understanding of the current and the future state of the Microsoft ecosystem. The circle has closed, the brothers now work in the same company for the first time since the early 1990’s, when they founded their own company BitWit.

Microsoft 365 and Azure make dreams come true

Finland is the leading nation in the digitalization of the businesses: paper forms, checks and printers are no longer used. Sulava has been at the forefront of this transformation.
“From the start, we focused on attracting the best cloud talent and having a deep understanding of the digital transformation and what it meant for us and our customers,” says Aki Antman.

The public (Microsoft) cloud adoption rates in Finland are the highest in the world, including the highest Microsoft Teams active usage rate in the world. Sulava has driven this change since 2010. The relentless work of Sulava, one of the first born-in-the-cloud Microsoft partners, has created a competitive advantage for Sulava’s customers by transforming the way their employees work.
“Our dream projects are those where we get to start from scratch with clients who haven’t begun their cloud journey yet,” says Jorma Bergius, and continues

“The fact that we at Sulava combine the technological and the cultural components, is a major innovation. We can create a next-generation technological and working culture from scratch and truly show customers what kind of amazing things anyone can accomplish with the Microsoft cloud”.

Expansion to the UAE and whole Gulf region

Sulava recently opened its Sulava Gulf subsidiary in Dubai and is providing cloud and digitalization services to the UAE and the whole Gulf region. “We are going to replicate the success we have had in Finland and provide this market the means to create better work environment for the clients in the UAE and the whole Gulf region.” says Kimmo Bergius.

Heikki Bergius, a world-leading consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer, has a crucial architectural point of view on how to approach the cloud transformation:

“In reality, most of our clients live in a hybrid world where it is practically impossible to move everything into the cloud at the same time. Somewhat surprisingly, it is a good practice to move workloads to the clouds one by one as they are nearing the end of life cycle. When using Microsoft 365 and Azure you are not tied to one single Microsoft Partner but you can use the best of the breed competencies whenever needed. Integrating between the Microsoft Azure cloud and other solutions is now straightforward – but naturally, require careful planning and execution. We are the best partner for this transformation”.

Brothers for life

Aki Antman’s first impression of Kimmo Bergius was right on the money – talent, integrity, and professionalism are Kimmo’s core values. On top of that creativity and problem-solving skills are at the center when implementing organization-wide changes.

Kimmo describes his brothers:” They always face new and unknown challenges head-on with no bias, no prejudice. They are completely honest and always find the best solution for the customer. It’s a true blessing to be able to spar my own views and visions with my brothers – they always provide me with another point of view, and this makes for a better final outcome.”

Heikki continues:” It’s so amazing to work with my brothers at Sulava. We get to spend even more time together than before. At times our communication doesn’t even need any words – you can tell what the others think by just looking at their body language”.

And the third Bergius, Jorma, adds:

“We still spend our leisure time together so obviously working together hasn’t added any strains to our relationship”.

Juha Heikkonen, a former Microsoft executive and current Group HR director of Sulava, describes the three brothers as the most talented brothers he ever worked with in the Microsoft ecosystem.

“They do amazing things for our customers. In addition to that they are all world-class trainers and teach new skills to the whole Microsoft ecosystem. Having said that, in my opinion, the best part is their attitude. They bring happiness and share their vision and knowledge with the whole Sulava family – we learn daily from their vast and ever-growing experience. Shared values, shared understanding and laser-sharp future vision – this will all benefit for our customers in Finland, and now the UAE and Gulf area”.

Sulava, the #1 born-in-cloud-Microsoft partner in the world

Sulava’s core values are:
Aim to be the best
Share your knowledge
Take care
Together we thrive
You have the power

“The three Bergius brothers are a physical incarnation of our values” says Aki Antman. And continues: “They are a perfect example of what Sulava is all about. In addition to the brothers, we have over 100 Microsoft cloud professionals who have their own unbelievable skillsets. They can all learn from the Bergius brothers, but the knowledge sharing goes both ways. Our company is 100% owned by its employees and our clients know that we are the best born-in-the-cloud Microsoft partner in the world. By sharing our knowledge, we aim to be the best in the upcoming decade as well”.