Three new Microsoft MVP nominations for Sulava experts – congratulations Tatu Seppälä, Miska Kytö and Jussi Metso!

Sulava’s experts Tatu Seppälä, Miska Kytö and Jussi Metso were named Microsoft MVP’s (Most Valuable Professional) on 9th January! Their technology areas being Microsoft Purview Information Protection (Tatu), Microsoft Teams and MR Development (Miska) and SIEM & XDR (Jussi). Big congratulations to the whole trio for their amazing achievements!

Tatu and Jussi have shown exceptional technical leadership in information security and Miska in Microsoft 365 and Mixed Reality. Tatu’s technology area Microsoft Purview Information Protection is a completely new category for which MVP recognitions are awarded. In addition, Miska received awards in two different categories for Microsoft 365 and Mixed Reality, which is also exceptional.

MVP recognitions are awarded to individuals who share useful information related to Microsoft technologies voluntarily and voluntarily. The recognition has been awarded since 1995.

Sulava has a total of seven MVPs

Sulava now has a total of seven consultants with MVP recognition, as four were already named before: Laura Kokkarinen (software architect and head of the Azure & M365 Development solution area), Katja Jokisalo (senior consultant & head of the Modern Work solution area), Vesa Nopanen (future leading consultant for modern work & metaverse) and Petri Jämsen (consultant, M365 Apps & Services). There are currently 34 Microsoft MVP’s in Finland.

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