Microsoft Copilot for Security: Secure Cloud with the help of AI

Microsoft Copilot for Security is a generative AI-powered security solution. It helps organizations to increase the efficiency and capabilities of defenders to improve security outcomes at machine speed and scale, while remaining compliant to responsible AI principles.

Update 14.3.24: Microsoft has announced that Copilot for Security will reach general availability 1.4.2024. We will update this blog when we get new, relevant information

It can provide several benefits, including proactive security guidance, personalized recommendations, improved security posture, and reduced costs.

With its advanced AI technology, the tool can analyze large amounts of data from various sources and provide meaningful insights that help defenders make informed decisions.

In this blog, we will make a dive into Copilot for Security features and benefits. At the time of writing, Copilot for Security is in its Early Access release, so much more is expected to come.

Some of the benefits of using Microsoft Copilot for Security are Security posture management, Incident response and Security reporting

Security posture management

Microsoft Copilot for Security can help security teams discover whether their organization is susceptible to known vulnerabilities and exploits and to prioritize risks and address vulnerabilities with guided recommendations.

Microsoft Copilot for Security can also help security teams monitor and improve their security posture by providing them with custom insights from their security tools, such as Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence. It assists security professionals’ collaboration through built-in capabilities e.g. promptbooks, automating security tasks and remediating issues with a few clicks or through code.

Incident response

Microsoft Copilot for Security can help security teams swiftly summarize information about an incident by enhancing incident details with context from data sources, assess its impact, and provide guidance on how to take remediation steps with guided suggestions. Microsoft Copilot for Security can also help security teams analyze signals at machine speed, surface cyberthreats early, and get predictive guidance to help them get ahead of cyberthreats.

Security reporting

Microsoft Copilot for Security can help security teams generate ready-to-share executive summaries or reports on security investigations, publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, or threat actors and their campaigns. Microsoft Copilot for Security can also help security teams communicate their findings and recommendations to stakeholders and management in a clear and concise manner.

Copilot for Security follows best practices and industry standards to enhance security configuration and compliance.

Note: NIS2.0 – The new EU-wide cybersecurity directive is coming in 2024. It aims to improve the resilience and preparedness of critical sectors and essential services against cyber threats. It will require organizations to comply with a set of standards and obligations, such as reporting incidents, conducting risk assessments, implementing security measures, and cooperating with national authorities. Get to know it in our blog

The possibilities Microsoft Copilot for Security offers

Copilot for Security offers a range of possibilities for different types of users and scenarios. Whether you are a developer, an IT administrator, a security professional, a business leader, or a SOC operator, you can benefit from Microsoft Security Copilot in the following ways:

For developers, Microsoft Copilot for Security helps you to build secure applications and services by providing security guidance and feedback throughout the development lifecycle. You can also use Microsoft Copilot for Security to automate security testing and deployment, and to integrate security into your DevOps pipeline.

For IT administrators, Microsoft Copilot for Security helps you to manage and optimize the security of your Microsoft resources by providing you with a comprehensive dashboard and reports. You can also use Microsoft Copilot for Security to apply security policies and controls, and to automate security operations and maintenance.

For security professionals, Microsoft Copilot for Security helps you to monitor and protect your Microsoft environments by providing you with alerts and notifications. You can also use Microsoft Copilot for Security to investigate and respond to security incidents, and to collaborate with other security teams and stakeholders.

For business leaders, Microsoft Copilot for Security helps you to ensure the security and compliance of your cloud strategy by providing you with visibility and accountability. You can also use Copilot for Security to measure and improve your security performance, and to demonstrate your security posture to your customers and regulators.

For SOC, using Copilot for Security will speed investigations and reduce time in Security Operations Analyst work.

What are the best skillsets for Microsoft Copilot for Security?

To use Microsoft Copilot for Security effectively, you need to have a combination of technical and non-technical skills, such as:

Natural Language Processing

You must have a good understanding of prompting in order to create queries with Microsoft Copilot for Security that will give you the best possible answer to what you are looking for.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

You need to have a solid foundation in the cybersecurity fundamentals and best practices that underlie Microsoft Copilot for Security, such as threat modeling, risk assessment, incident response, vulnerability management, and security posture.

These skills will help you to comprehend and implement the guidance and recommendations provided by Microsoft Copilot for Security, as well as to evaluate and improve your security outcomes and metrics.

Microsoft Security Products

You need to have a broad knowledge of the Microsoft security products and services that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Copilot for Security, such as Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Entra, and Microsoft Purview.

These skills will help you to leverage and configure the data and signals from these products and services, as well as to access and utilize the embedded Microsoft Copilot for Security experiences within them.

Plugins Development

To develop your own plugins, you need to have a deep understanding of the plugin development and management for Microsoft Copilot for Security. Plugins enable you to extend and customize the capabilities and functionalities of Copilot for Security.

These skills will help you to create and publish your own plugins that can be invoked to perform specialized tasks, such as API calls, script analysis, query assistance, and logic apps.

Domain Knowledge

In order to have a sufficient understanding of event reports, threat bulletins, vulnerability summaries, or protection status reports, you must have domain-specific knowledge.

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