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Data Protection & Copilot – Get ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot

Copilot for Microsoft 365 utilizes internal organizational information and documents in its interactions, to which individuals already have at least read access. However, some of the organization’s documents are confidential or classified. By default, users have the option to freely share the content found and generated by Copilot.

How do you prevent mishaps and ensure that the right information is used for the right purpose when Copilot is in use? Additionally, how do preparatory measures enhance the Copilot user experience?

In the Data Protection & Copilot -training, we will go through how to prepare the organization’s data set for Copilot for Microsoft 365. You will gain a solid understanding of the aspects and actions that ensure sustainable Copilot use in your organization.

As the saying goes: The best time to start focusing on data quality, lifecycle, access rights, protection, and raising awareness on the matter was yesterday. The second-best time to do so is today!

Co-trainer with Heli: Tatu Seppälä

Upcoming trainings in English:

  • June 13th (English) 9am–4pm (EET)

Please note: Other upcoming trainings not mentioned above are held in Finnish.

Feedback from the training:

“The training effectively turned into a task list outlining what needs to be taken care of before implementing Copilot.”

“Lovely instructors! Clearly knew their stuff but were also very nice and kind.”


Implementation: Online (in English), Online (in Finnish)
Length: 1 day
Starting dates: 13.6.2024 , 28.8.2024 , 26.11.2024
Material: Microsoft English Material (MOC), Sulava material

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Heli Kumpulainen

Heli Kumpulainen

Consulting & Training

Heli specializes in the field of cybersecurity, especially in data protection and lifecycle management.