Marko Mikkola

Consulting & Training

Marko, with decades of experience in cybersecurity and data protection. He possesses not only technical expertise but is also a keen understanding of how companies should convey these critical concepts to their employees. He advocates for models that foster a human-centric cybersecurity culture within businesses. Ultimately, in his opinion, the individuals within companies serve as the final and most robust line of defense in matters of cybersecurity and data protection.

In addition to his primary work, Marko serves as a researcher at Tampere University. His research focuses on examining the experiences of cybercrime victimization and the explanatory factors through the lens of social psychology from a criminological perspective. The research findings can be utilized in the practices of companies and organizations.

Marko has extensive experience in managing large projects, administrative and operational cyber security, building, developing, and delivering security monitoring, as well as training aimed at company management and employees. Over the years, Marko has held various roles, such as an expert, consultant, business developer, and business leader in large Finnish and international companies.

Special expertise
  • Cybersecurity Governance
  • Administrative cybersecurity
  • Operational cybersecurity
  • Implementation and development of SOC/SIEM services
  • CSIRT services
  • Data protection
  • Information security
  • Training

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