Sulava in The Digital Neighborhood

Sulava has now been part of the Broad Horizon family for almost a year. As we are today launching our new brand for our parent group, The Digital Neighborhood, it’s time to reflect on the past year and take a sneak peek to the future.

Welcome to The Digital Neighborhood

The Digital Neighborhood is all about doing things together. We focus on the wellbeing and constant learning of our employees. Our Microsoft first strategy combined with the strength of all our neighbors enabled us to bring more advanced solutions to our customers than ever before.

We have ten sister companies to Sulava and are in a constant process of acquiring new companies to the neighborhood. It’s been only a year, but we are already working closely together with all of our sister companies.

For example, we are offering 24/7 continuous services together with Pink, our customers are using amazing PPM tools from Projectum, we are building our Business Application practice and offering Azure services together with Delegate, providing data management solutions with DMP and utilizing AI together with Cmotions – just to name a few areas. And of course our sister companies are offering Sulava’s services to their customers.

We are able to provide our learning services and advisory services to every customer of our sister companies combined. Our unique offering inside the metaverse combined with OpenAI, including ChatGPT, has been noticed in every market where The Digital Neighborhood operates in.

Sulava in The Digital Neighborhood

A year since acquisition and we are still operating as Sulava, under the same management as before the acquisition. Our values are intact and we thrive to be the best Microsoft cloud partner for years and decades to come. We’ll continue our organic growth and have several open positions in both Finland and UAE. And of course we have proven to be a valuable partner to our sister companies and their customers.

We are the same Sulava our employees and customers have loved ever since 2010. But at the same time we are super proud to be part of our digital neighborhood which has already enabled us to grow to new heights. We just launched our Business Applications practice around Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform and Projectum offering. We have been the pioneer in the metaverse and are already leading the OpenAI / ChatGPT / Co-pilot revolution.

We’ll be introducing a set of new services and offerings throughout this year, including some new kind of offerings never seen in the local or global Microsoft partner offering ever before. Stay tuned on this 😊

Sulava Gulf – the next phase of growth begins now

During the past three years Sulava Gulf has steadily grown into the leading modern work and security Microsoft partner in the UAE. Now we start the next phase in our growth, and we’ll introduce gradually all Sulava services to the UAE market, starting with our OpenAI Azure Service offering and our world-class learning services. We’ll also conquer the local PPM market together with our beloved sister company Projectum.

Our goal by the end of the year 2023 is to at least double down the staff we have in our UAE office by hiring senior tech staff and also bringing in our Sulava Academy concept to train juniors and new talent to the local market.

In conclusion

I’m super proud of what Sulava has become since we were born in the cloud back in 2010. It is already safe to say we made the absolutely right choice by joining The Digital Neighborhood. It’s has been an amazing journey already, but the best part is still yet to come.

We have a definite Microsoft first strategy in The Digital Neighborhood. Our co-operation with Microsoft is getting bigger and closer every day. Thank you Microsoft for your constant support and innovation. We are so proud to be part of your neighborhood, too. And we still aim to be the leading Microsoft partner locally and globally, every single fiscal year.

I want to extend my sincere thank you to all our employees. You are simply the best. I have never heard a customer regretting starting a co-operation with Sulava. We are so lucky to have the best customers in the world. I’m constantly amazed by your willingness and readiness to use the newest technology to create better work life.

With The Digital Neighborhood the future looks brighter than ever before and Sulava will be the teenage tech wizard rebel in our and your neighborhood.

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