Happy and safe holidays, 12 things to remember

  1. Keep all phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and servers up to date with latest OS, application, and security updates and patches.

  2. Enable find my device service for your Android, Windows, and iOS phone, tablet, and laptop in case they get stolen or you misplace them.

  3. Lock your device when you not using it.

  4. Use only known Wi-Fi networks. Familiar sounding name of the Wi-Fi network is not a sign of safe Wi-Fi.

  5. Use long, unique passwords on all your different accounts. Never use your work e-mail as account name outside your company: it takes only minutes to create private email accounts such as @gmail or @hotmail.

  6. Remember safety on the Internet and social media platforms: review your security setting, re-think what you share online and with whom.

  7. Pay close attention to the websites you shop on. Use only the ones you trust.

  8. Pay extra attention on your credit card payments.

  9. During and under the holidays, be extra careful with email or SMS-messages regarding shipping changes and delays. Always use official channels to check the status of your order.

  10. Not all holiday greeting cards are from the sender you think! Do not open e-holiday cards unless you are certain you can trust the sender.

  11. If it looks too good to be true – it most like is not true.

  12. In doubt, ask help from a friend, colleague, or seek help online.