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DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

In this course, the student will learn about data engineering as it pertains to working with batch and real-time analytical solutions using Azure data platform technologies. Students will begin by understanding the core compute and storage technologies that are used to build an analytical solution.

The students will learn how to interactively explore data stored in files in a data lake. They will learn the various ingestion techniques that can be used to load data using the Apache Spark capability found in Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Databricks, or how to ingest using Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse pipelines.

The students will also learn the various ways they can transform the data using the same technologies that is used to ingest data. They will understand the importance of implementing security to ensure that the data is protected at rest or in transit. The student will then show how to create a real-time analytical system to create real-time analytical solutions. 

Implementation: Class, Online
Length: 4 days
Starting dates:

Schedule for the module course

Course part Date Time of day
Module 1 12.12.2022 09:00-16:00
Module 2 13.12.2022 09:00-16:00
Module 3 19.12.2022 09:00-16:00
Module 4 20.12.2022 09:00-16:00

Module course

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, 15.3.2023 24.5.2023
Material: Microsoft English Material (MOC)

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