Power BI Advisor Service

Develop analytics and reporting with the support from Sulava’s Power BI experts.

In the Power BI Advisor Service, an experienced consultant helps streamline the use of Power BI and advises on how to fully leverage the technology’s potential. The service includes workshops that enhance the personnel’s own Power BI skills and take their work to a whole new level. With this service, you can avoid pitfalls in analytics, receive assistance with challenging matters, and implement best practices that may not have been considered before.

The service is designed for organizations that implement their own analytics and reporting but seek the support of an experienced Power BI professional for development. The level of support is tailored to the customer’s needs.

As a result of the collaboration with Sulava, your Power BI reports are fully utilized, the personnel’s analytics and reporting skills are enhanced, and the people in your organization can genuinely make data-driven decisions.

What does the Power BI Advisor Service include?

The service is divided into two parts: regular workshops and ad-hoc support.

Power BI workshops

Power BI workshops are held regularly based on the customer’s needs. Before the workshop, we agree on the agenda for the upcoming session. During the workshop, we can cover topics such as:

  • UI and UX development and best practices
  • Data model creation and optimization
  • DAX development

In the first workshop, we will go through the data architecture and Power BI governance model (if already in place) and familiarize ourselves with the customer’s environment.

Ad-hoc support

  • Ad-hoc support is intended for urgent assistance that cannot wait for the next scheduled workshop.
  • Additional support is invoiced based on the number of hours worked.

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