General instructions for the online participant

This guideline collects best practices for online training participants. The guidelines consider both technical issues and learning-related issues.

Online learning requires preparation, concentration and self-discipline in a completely different way than classroom-based studying. Make sure you have the tools you need to study and the opportunity to study in peace without distractions.

When participating remotely, we recommend that you reserve a space for yourself where you can focus on training in peace. So that you can easily both read the training instructions and do the exercises, we recommend using two monitors.

To get the most out of your online training, please note the following:

Before training


  • Time for training, studying and reviewing after training 
  • A space other than your workstation so you can focus in peace 

Make sure that: 

  • You have the necessary software installed on your computer for studying 
  • Technology works 
  • Where to get help if there are problems with the technology

In addition, please note that:

  • Get the necessary assistive devices, e.g. a headset 
  • The double screen often improves the participation experience when the materials are placed on a different screen 
  • Read the advance instructions you received and make the necessary advance preparations 
  • Reserve or prepare the necessary materials 
  • Clean up other things from the desktop, that helps to concentrate

During training

Be on time in Teams, where the online training takes place. You can find the link in the course invitation. We recommend that you arrive about 10 minutes before the start of the training so that we can test together that the technology works.  

See Teams instructions here

Sulava’s trainings do not have a lobby function, so if you end up with one, you can log out of Teams training and log in again. Sometimes re-starting the computer helps with technical problems. 

Make sure that:

  • Connections work 
  • Email and instant messengers are switched off 
  • Silence mobile phone and put it out of sight 

In addition, please note that: 

  • Keep the microphone on silent but open it when you want to ask. You can ask at any time. You can also enter your questions in the chat box. 
  • Be as active as those in the class. Always ask if there are any questions! 
  • Focus on the issue, do nothing else 
  • Pay attention to technology-related latency 
  • Use breaks to relax 
  • If you must leave in the middle of the training, notify the trainer 

After training

  • Complete any assignments that have been assigned during the course 
  • Take the time to review things 
  • Take advantage of the lessons learned to make them a new and improved way of working 

Other practicalities

If you need help with Teams during the course or you have problems with network connections, etc. and you cannot contact the trainer, then you can contact the by e-mail.