Back to the Office Webinar


Topic: Back to the Office

Time: 9th of June 2020

Host: Vesa Nopanen, Patrik Aalto & Matti Kukkamäki

When the situation allows it, we will want to return to work at the office. But how to do it safely and effectively, without having to spend hours answering questions and figuring things out?

We here at Sulava wanted to make the transition as easy and painless as possible, so we created a solution for Microsoft Teams. Back to the Office solution provides a single user interface via Teams, in which employees can

  • find all the essential information in one place
  • book office space to avoid overcrowding
  • express concerns
  • communicate with the response team
  • or even get information about hygiene and maintenance in the workplace.

Whereas, the executive and the response teams can use the solution to

  • interact with employees
  • send alerts
  • view interactive reports.

In this webinar, you will get a good understanding of the possibilities of the solution and how it could be used in your organization.


  • Why Teams is the best tool in Back to the Office situation?
  • What solutions Sulava offers to companies and employees?
  • Applications for employees that ensure productive and safe workplace
  • Executive and response team view to the situation

Webinar recording