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Is finding information on your intranet challenging? Do you hesitate to use ChatGPT for confidential searches due to the lack of a secure alternative? Microsoft Copilot is on the horizon, but waiting for it might be difficult when there’s a need for immediate improvement in work efficiency. Or perhaps Copilot won’t be available to the entire staff, and you still desire AI to benefit your entire organization?

We have an AI-based and cost-effective solution available to meet these challenges! Sulava offers a new, highly anticipated AI tool – an intrabot that enables bringing AI capabilities on top of the SharePoint Online intranet.

IntraBot swiftly and efficiently responds to user queries

The intrabot retrieves information from your intranet and quickly answers questions from your staff. Intrabot uses SharePoint indexing to retrieve information and Copilot Studio solutions to generate responses. If the answer cannot be found in the intranet content, the bot can be directed to retrieve information from public information sources or from the contact person responsible for the topic.

Intrabot makes it easier to find information and radically reduces the number of contacts to IT, HR or other support services. When a regular search retrieves an answer from the intranet content as a direct quote, the intrabot is able to apply the information and, if necessary, expand it to public data sources.

For example, if an employee is renewing their company phone, typically the information “budget company phone” is searched from the intranet and the answer is a link to a page where the information must be searched for yourself. However, you can ask the Intrabot directly the question “what kind of company phone would be good”, in which case the bot will search the intranet for the boundary conditions (e.g. budget and which models are supported) and then online for models that correspond to the boundary conditions. The user can refine their wishes in a dialogic manner, for example in terms of features, as the bot is always looking for a more suitable recommendation.

Example of intrabot on the front page of Sulava’s demo-intranet. The bot can be named after your own organization, for example.

Similarly, an employee can inquire, for instance, “If I resign next Monday, when is my last working day?” instead of initially searching for a page regarding ending employment, finding the relevant section, and deducing the answer themselves.

Intrabot brings the features of ChatGPT into your own intranet for use through Copilot Studio. The solution is based on the language models used by Microsoft, which means that the functionalities are securely made for your organization’s use only, and the discussions are not used to teach common language models. The solution can be used in the same way as ChatGPT to generate various texts, searches, and analysis, but without worrying about data leaks. With Intrabot, you can even write stock exchange releases, customer messages and business analyses! In addition, it is conveniently available directly from your intranet, for example right from the homepage.

How is the IntraBot built, and what’s the cost?

The Intrabot is built on Copilot Studio and the SPFx web part. Operating costs are based on the use of the Copilot Studio Subscription service, which is based on a package pricing of 25,000 messages. We offer intrabot deployment for the price: 7900 eur + VAT. The price includes designing the bot together with the customer’s desired SharePoint data, technical implementation of the bot, testing, and maintenance training for administrators on the use of Copilot Studio.

Deployment will take 1-3 weeks, depending on the availability of new Copilot Studio resources needed. The Intrabot can be installed on any SharePoint Online-based intranet and is therefore not dependent on us or other vendors. Intrabot takes your organization down the acceleration lane to the Copilot era!

Intrabot can also be integrated with other information systems as an additional service. We provide you with a comprehensive team of assistance in areas such as data classification, artificial intelligence training and briefings, as well as the digitalisation of business with the help of artificial intelligence.

The article was originally written by Karoliina Partanen in autumn 2023.


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