Copilot is empowering frontline workers

Frontline workers are the backbone of many industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. They are often the first to interact with customers, operate complex equipment, and perform critical tasks. However, they also face many challenges, such as skill gaps, information overload, and safety risks.

Technology is not standing still when it comes to helping frontline workers tackle their obstacles and boost their performance, effectiveness, and happiness. This post examines how Copilot, AI and mixed reality are fundamentally changing the work for frontline workers and opening new doors for business expansion and creativity.

Copilot x AI x Mixed Reality

Imagine a world where machines can think like humans, and where digital and physical realities merge. A coworker, whether virtual or real, is always available to help. Frontline workers can use their natural language, existing devices or modern technology like MR/VR headsets.

This is the world of AI and mixed reality, two of the most powerful technologies of our era. AI is the skill of machines to do things that usually need human intelligence, such as talking, seeing, and learning. Mixed reality is the fusion of the real and virtual worlds, where holograms and digital objects can live and interact with real settings.

Together, AI and mixed reality can create a human-first interface that can change the way we work in the real world. Instead of using clunky devices, manuals or experts, frontline workers can use natural movements, speech, and eye contact to get the information, guidance and help they need in their work situation.

One of the most amazing examples of this fusion is Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, which was revealed at Microsoft Ignite 2023. Copilot is a creative AI assistant that helps frontline workers finish complex tasks and solve problems faster with less interruption to the workflow.

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides

Industrial workers often encounter difficulties when dealing with machinery and processes. Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides helps them improve their skills and learn how to operate and service that machinery. When something breaks down and equipment malfunctions, they can quickly identify and resolve the problem, fix the issue, and report & document their actions.

No need to waste time searching through piles of digital or paper documents to find the right information. Copilot allows you to simply request what you need using your voice and gestures, such as looking and pointing. It uses intelligent AI to find information from any data sources that customers create, such as technical documentation, service records, training content, and more. It then provides you with interactive guidance and holograms overlayed on the equipment that show you what to do on the equipment you are working on or fixing.

Copilot, the AI Assistant, is a powerful tool for frontline workers, as it offers several features that enhance their productivity and performance:

  • Point and ask guidance: Workers can interact with Copilot by pointing at any part of an asset and asking questions, such as “How do I replace this valve?” or “What is the optimal pressure for this pump?” Copilot understands what the user is referring to and responds with speech, text, or 3D holograms.
  • Spatial content generation: Copilot makes it easy to create, manage, and deliver mixed reality content based on customer-specific data sources, allowing companies to embrace mixed reality more quickly.
  • Step-by-step assistance: Workers can engage in natural conversations with Copilot, such as “Show me how to calibrate this instrument,” or “I removed the cover, what do I do now?” Copilot tracks the progress and context of the conversation using the customer’s tailored knowledge base and provides answers with speech, text, or 3D holograms.
  • On-demand information: With connections to the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, operational data, and service records, Copilot can answer questions, such as “What is the current temperature reading?” or “Who was the last technician to work on this device, and what did they report?”. Copilot can locate specific assets, identify them, and retrieve relevant information sources in real time.
  • Expert knowledge integration: Copilot can use notes or call transcripts from previous expert activity to guide new workers through the same process. This enables workers to learn from each other and automate internal knowledge transfer.
  • Streamlined documentation: Workers can use Copilot to simplify the process of completing and documenting their work. Instead of filling out paperwork, workers can simply tell Copilot what they have done using their voice. Copilot will provide suggestions to efficiently check off service tasks, add notes, and update product quantities and statuses.

The benefits of AI and mixed reality for frontline workers

By using AI and mixed reality, frontline workers can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: Workers can access information and guidance faster and easier, reducing downtime and errors. They can also complete tasks more accurately and consistently, improving quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced learning and development: Workers can acquire new skills and knowledge on the job, without interrupting their workflow or relying on external sources. They can also receive personalized feedback and coaching, boosting their confidence and performance.
  • Improved safety and well-being: Workers can avoid unnecessary risks and hazards, such as exposure to harmful substances, extreme temperatures, or heavy machinery. They can also reduce physical and mental fatigue, stress, and burnout.

The future of work is here

Copilot, AI and mixed reality are not just futuristic concepts. They are already here, and they are changing the way frontline workers work and learn. Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides is one of the most innovative examples of how these technologies can empower frontline workers to achieve more. We at Sulava are helping our customers to meet the needs of the future, and we assist them on the journey to success.

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides is today in the private preview. There will be a public preview that will be available first on HoloLens 2, and Microsoft is extending this capability to mobile devices. Today you can take the first step one by deploying Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Assist on either HoloLens 2 or mobile devices.

AI and mixed reality are the future of work, and the future is now. Do not miss this opportunity to unleash the potential of your frontline workers and your business. If you are interested in learning more about Copilot, AI, Industrial Metaverse, Digital Twins and how these can help your business, contact us at Sulava.