Teams training for users

Is your organization using Microsoft Teams effectively? Our training will give your users an overview of the features of Microsoft Teams and how to collaborate and organize online meetings through Teams.

The training will cover the basic features in Teams, how to use Teams for collaboration and meetings, and how to organize and manage your Teams environment.​

Course agenda:

  • The basics of modern teamwork and the role of Microsoft Teams​
  • Overview of Teams functionality ​
    • Teams and Channels​
    • Collaboration through Teams Channels​
    • Files and notes in Teams​
    • Teams chat functionality​
    • Online meetings​
    • Audio and Video in Teams​
  • Teams Applications​
  • Organizing and managing your Teams environment​
  • Teams on your mobile device and the browser​
  • Best practices for using Teams

Duration: 3 hours ​

Course price

Customer specific ​
€ 2 000 (includes one online session with unlimited participants) + € 5 000 (includes the possibility of recording the session + unlimited distribution within the organization), if customer requires customization or several sessions, price will be determined separately ​

Public training ​online
€ 290 / person

How to move your meetings online using Microsoft Teams? Watch the video!

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