Security training for users

COVID-19 and the changes in our daily routines has caught also the attention of criminal actors. We have seen attempts like COVID-19 related emails containing viruses and phishing emails related to COVID-19.

Existing security solutions are capable to stop most of the email containing malicious attachments, phishing emails, and other types of fraudulent messages but not all.

Now it is all about recipient capability to notice which emails are valid and which are at once to be reported. It is vital to train your users.

Our training

Simple 1-hour training for end-users on how to work remotely and securely. The agenda can be customized based on customer requirements.

Course agenda: 

  • Cloud services and Cybersecurity​
  • User identity and threats ​
  • How to identify threats? ​
  • Username and password​
  • Password threats ​
  • How to create a good password ​
  • Strong authentication ​
  • Best practices for working remotely and securely

Duration: 1 hour

Course price:

Customer specific ​
Customer specific € 900 (includes one online session with unlimited participants) + € 5 000 (includes the possibility of recording the session + unlimited distribution within the organization), if customer requires customization or several sessions, price will be determined separately ​

Public training ​
€ 190 / person

Protect your users from phishing when working from home with Microsoft 365 – Watch the video!

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