Office 365 Tenant from Scratch

Office 365 E1 trial is Microsofts 6 months free trial that includes Office 365 E1 platform.

Microsoft is making this special trial license available in response to the increased need for employees to work from home. Trial includes a sizeable product packages to get job done.

Our offer

Setting up an Office 365 environment for a customer who has not used the Office 365 services before. The tenant will be set up using the Microsoft Office 365 E1 trial license offering.


  • Setting up the tenant​
  • Setting up users and licensing ​
  • Setting up basic configuration for using the Office 365 services, including security ​
  • Setting up Teams for remote collaboration ​
  • Creating a roadmap for migration and additional services, such as email and Sharepoint services ​
  • The actual migration of existing services to Office 365 will be priced separately


  • Office 365 environment and basic configuration set up rapidly ​
  • Cloud identities for users for Office 365 and other applications​
  • Teams for internal and external communication and collaboration and online meetings​
  • Security setup correctly from the beginning ​
  • Ready for content migration from existing email and documents


€ 3 900 / Office 365 environment

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